An Intro to OAuth With a Real World Example

Now a days, you can sign up/login into third party sites using your other accounts on facebook, twitter, github, etc.

I’m sure every developer would have written a demo login application at some point of time. We all start with the simple user defined ID and password. We then try to implement something like a social login as seen in the cover picture with say Google or Twitter.

There obviously is more of a complex process involved in setting up a social login but for a user its as simple as clicking a buttons to log in. …

JSON Web Token (JWT) and how we use them at Turtlemint

So I wanted to talk about how we use JWT here at Turtlemint. What is JWT (JSON Web Token) you ask? JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) for securely transmitting information between parties as JSON objects.

Let me take you through the whole thing from scratch

Authentication vs Authorization

Authentication is basically what happens when users sign-in. We check the user's identity based on some credentials of their e.g username/password. Authorization, on the other hand, checks if the above-validated user is able to access a certain flow.

Some of the things that have helped our engineering teams to stay productive

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I am sure that we have seen enough of articles on things to do and how to optimize yourself to work remotely during this pandemic. I don’t write this to tell you what to do, but rather, to run you through some of the things we have done to be productive during this remote work scenario.


Let me begin by saying we were hardly a remote team but a distributed team sitting out of offices in Mumbai and Pune. We had a lot of our workflows structured…

How to tie the multiple online profiles you maintain to form your USP

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In a nutshell, when you’re branding yourself, you’re suggesting a unique promise of value that separates you from your peers — you are someone or do something that’s different than everyone else out there.

Just showcasing a resume isn’t helpful in today’s world. As a developer, it is important to have your own digital footprint which not only recognizes your skills but also adds credibility for the work you do. Don’t believe me? I’m sure you have heard of these people:

  1. Martin Fowler
  2. Dan Abramov
  3. David Heinemeier…

Turtlemint + Postman
Turtlemint + Postman

Postman is one of the most famous tools that developers are currently using for API development and testing. We highly recommend you peruse through the application at least once to understand its value.

This article documents how Turtlemint has been using Postman across teams in different locations to collaborate on development. Here is a website by Postman where they talk about what API collaboration is:

This should help you get a brief understanding of what Postman is and its basic use cases. Let us dive further into how we use it at Turtlemint.


At Turtlemint, we use multiple workspaces for…

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There has been a conscious move within SaaS companies towards microservice architectures. To facilitate that, we generally use Docker setups. Well, let us not skip steps and see why people recommend this.

To better understand containerization and Docker, let’ use the example of the actual thing it is modeled after, Shipping Containers.

Why use Shipping Containers?

Well, shipping containers revolutionized the transportation industry by standardizing and making it simple to transport large quantities of goods. This could be over sea or land. Now with these standard containers, we are able to ship multiple things in one container or even ship large quantities of a…

Dependent on the backend developer to start coding? Always being pestered to finish development soon so the frontend developer can start their work? Well, you don't need to wait anymore.

Today, the general office development environment has moved to an open office setup with dependencies between teams, in which development time is of the utmost importance. Anything the team can do to reduce development time is considered a huge advantage towards the development of the product. Recently, I found that using the mock servers provided by Postman is very helpful in helping reduce development time for both frontend and backend…

How to build a simple AI assistant based IoT

After getting an Android Things kit at Google Developer Day India, I have been very excited at getting into IoT and building with Android Things. Here I am finally messing around with it.


Some of the supported kits are shown below. I am using the NXP Pico i.MX7D for this article. Raspberry Pi 3 and the Intel Edison are also some of the other supported boards with more manufacturers working to add support.

What I feel are good things to use and implement to become a better Android developer

I found Android development to be something really fascinating. The size of the device and the amount of space you have to captivate the user to use the application in the future was an interesting challenge for me. This is what got me into Android development.

Like every beginner I searched endlessly for tutorials but till today I consider the Android Developer website the best way to learn it. Find it linked below.

I worked my way from building simple calculator applications to now building industry level Android applications. …

A few things I learnt in my journey to where I am today.

Hey guys! This is my first article on Medium and it’s great to finally start. I have always wanted to share my experiences and I’m finally here. Woooh.

So after a lot of C, C++ and Java experimenting (Not really!), I knew I liked programming and I wanted to pursue it further. After long hours of IIT coaching and a little hard work I managed to get into an Engineering College. Here comes the main part of the story - how I became a developer and what would be my advice to college students who want to be developers:

1) The Utter Confusion of what to do?


Rohit Jacob Mathew

SDE Turtlemint | Auth0 Ambassador | SDE Intern HackerRank. An Eccentric Coder, Musician/Beatboxer and a big football fan.

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